About us

Voiceless envisions a just, equitable world where animals can flourish.

Brian Sherman AM and Ondine Sherman, Co-founders of Voiceless


What we do

Voiceless supports and invests in impactful people and projects to foster pro-animal values and create lasting systemic change. By disrupting the status quo and reforming our social, political, legal and institutional systems, animals can have fair and effective legal rights and flourish on their own terms. 

Together with our advisors, board, coalitions and partners, including prominent animal lawyers, scientists and advocates, Voiceless invests in people and projects that are transformative, visionary and challenge the status quo. These include approaches that disrupt dominant anthropocentric attitudes, work to end large-scale, legalised commercialised industries and promote animal flourishing. 

As a leader with twenty years of experience in the field of animal protection, Voiceless draws on best-practice models, philosophies and processes to deliver an annual Grants Program that will create real and lasting change for animals. 

Please go to our Voiceless Grants Program (VGP) page to learn more about the impactful initiatives Voiceless supports to create a just, equitable world where animals can flourish. Our annual VGP is now open for applications.

Our website is a rich library of animal law and animal protection education resources used by high school students, university students, educators, lawyers, and advocates.  The Voiceless Animal Cruelty Index (VACI) is an important tool for animal advocates and scholars.  

Since 2004, Voiceless has used a myriad of tools and strategies to address institutionalised animal cruelty and create change. These have included in-depth reports on animal-use industries, public awareness campaigns, animal law and policy… and much more.

Please take a look at our history page for more information.

Who we are

Co-founders, Brian Sherman AM and Ondine Sherman, a father-daughter team passionate about protecting animals.

In September 2022, our Co-founder and Joint Managing Director of Voiceless, hero for animals, Brian Sherman AM, passed away. He was deeply loved and respected, both as a wonderfully kind person and as an inspirational and effective animal advocate. He will be profoundly missed. We were embraced by thousands of beautiful, loving messages from our Voiceless community. See our dedicated page of tributes from our community. Ondine Sherman’s tribute is found here

Managing DirectorOndine Sherman

Voiceless Patrons are internationally recognised individuals from the highest levels of science, law, business and the arts who are dedicated to raising awareness of Voiceless’s mission. Our Patrons include John M Coetzee, Dr Jane Goodall DBE, The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMGProf. Charlie Teo AM, and Ai Weiwei.

Voiceless Directors jointly oversee the activities of the organisation. Drawn from a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences, our Directors are united by their belief in animal protection and work collectively to guide the development of Voiceless. Our Directors include Katrina Sharman, Daniel Ramp, Sarah Margo, Dror Ben-Ami, Jeffrey Kamins, Bianca Havas, Ondine Sherman and Dr Meg Good.

Voiceless Grant Advisors are comprised of some of Australia’s most prominent animal lawyers, scientists and advocates. Our Voiceless Grant Advisors include Professor Nick James, Dr Daniel RampSarah Margo, Jeffrey Kamins, Dr Meg Good, Professor Clive Phillips, Associate Professor Sophie Riley, Dr Dror Ben-Ami, and Katrina Sharman.

Meet our people

Our Core Values

Core Values are Voiceless’s guiding principles as we strive towards a just, equitable world where animals can flourish.

We work to embody these Core Values and expect them in the organisations, advocates, and projects we partner with and support. Core Values must be demonstrated both in words and in actions, both at the level of organisational governance, communications as well as by the key advocates involved in Voiceless-supported or partner projects.

Our Name

We chose our name – Voiceless – because animals cannot raise their voice in protest or advocate for themselves in a court of law. We have a moral, ethical duty to speak up for them. But animals are not voiceless. They speak in languages we humans have failed to understand or have simply chosen not to hear.

Who we work with

        Eurogroup for Animals

Aquatic Animal Alliance




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K & R Animal Law



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