Voiceless envisions a world in which animals are treated with respect and compassion. We believe in the power of education to ensure a better future for animals.

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Animals are sentient beings with their own rich, complex emotional and social lives. Through science-based research, law and education, Voiceless explores the key issues in animal protection.

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  • Live Export

    Every year, around three million live animals are exported from Australia for slaughter overseas.

  • Kangaroos
  • Kangaroos

    The commercial killing of kangaroos is a multi-million dollar meat and skin industry and the largest slaughter of land-based animals in the world.

  • Broiler Chickens
  • Broiler Chickens

    Each year 600 million chickens are produced for meat in Australia and most are factory farmed, with up to 60,000 chickens living in a single shed.

  • Dairy Cows
  • Dairy Cows

    Each year around 450,000 calves, considered ‘wastage’, are taken from their mothers and either killed on-farm or sent for commercial slaughter within just five days of being born.

  • Battery Hens
  • Battery Hens

    Between 11 – 12 million ‘battery’ hens are confined to small cages in Australia, unable to perform even their most natural behaviours.

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To celebrate Voiceless turning 15 in 2019, we gave $8,000 in gifts to the unsung heroes of Australia’s animal protection community – the animal carers. In 2020, we did it all again! Click through to meet your heroes.

Voiceless Animal Protection Heroes

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Unscrambled: The hidden truth of hen welfare in the Australian egg industry

Voiceless’s report assesses the key animal protection issues with the use of battery cages, barn-laid and free range systems from an animal welfare and scientific perspective.

Unscrambled is an important tool to create much-needed change for the treatment of egg-laying hens and their chicks in Australia.

Australia has fallen behind other nations when it comes to layer hen welfare and the time has come for us to evolve to a better standard. Download the report, and find out how you can take action.

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