Voiceless Grants Program inspires the next generation of changemakers for animals

In 2023, Voiceless is working to create a just and equitable world where animals can flourish by supporting and investing in changemakers, visionary organisations and initiatives that reform our social, cultural and political systems. Below are the next generation of changemakers for animals that successfully applied to open Voiceless Grants Program and that we will be partnering with in 2023.

Vegan Friendly Haytap


New Voiceless Grant recipient: Vegan Friendly’s impactful, animal-free food innovation program

Vegan Friendly is a not-for-profit organisation (based in Israel/UK/USA) who continuously expands the current thinking on how to end animal suffering and Voiceless is delighted to support their Food Engineering Program which saves animals from factory farming. Vegan Friendly’s team of food technologists and chefs work closely with food companies to replace animal-based ingredients with plant-based ones, while maintaining or improving the product’s taste, texture, nutritional values, price, and shelf life. So far, the project has vegnised dozens of products and contributed to protecting animals by eliminating over 1 million eggs and thousands of litres of cow’s milk!

“We take a non-vegan product and make it vegan. Maintaining the exact same taste, appearance, and texture”Gili at Vegan Friendly

Watch Cookies Ornat Chocolate
Chocolate Mousse Hamantasch Cookies

Watch the videos of popular chocolate, cookie, donut and chocolate mousse products that have been veganised without compromising their taste!



Emergency grant for animals injured and displaced following devastating earthquake in Turkey & Syria

Voiceless has been deeply saddened to hear about the devastating loss and displacement of human and non-human animals following the February earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. We took the opportunity to reach out to the non-profit organisation, Haytap, the Animal Rights Federation in Turkey and provide them with a much-needed emergency grant for their tireless search and rescue operations, veterinary care and rehome and adoption work for displaced animals.

Watch the ITV News segment to learn more about Hayptap’s efforts in animal rescue in Turkey.




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