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What is the Voiceless Grants Program?

The Voiceless Grants Program supports impactful initiatives in line with our vision to create a just, equitable world where animals can flourish. We invest in people and projects to foster pro-animal values and create lasting systemic change by disrupting the status quo and reforming our social, political, legal and institutional systems. If you are a changemaker dedicated to protecting animals, we would love to hear from you. Please be sure to read our eligibility criteria and guide on how to apply before you start an application.

Why the Voiceless Grants Program?

Eighty billion land animals and up to three trillion fishes are consumed globally each year and experience routine confinement, transport and slaughter. These sentient animals experience lives of abject suffering and deprivation through legalised and institutionalised cruelty. Millions more land animals are exploited for their fur and skins, or used for sports, trophies and other human entertainment with little concern as to their experiences. Voiceless acknowledges that new animal advocacy strategies are required to achieve meaningful change.

Am I eligible for a Voiceless Grant?

The Grants Program is open, but not limited to animal advocacy organisations and sanctuaries; animal lawyers and law educators; humane educators; animal studies academics and creatives, environmental and wildlife scientists; First Nations groups, and diverse community and religious groups. If you do not fall within these groups, you may still be eligible. Please be sure to read our full eligibility and selection criteria before you start an application. We have outlined categories that we are looking to invest in and categories and/or areas that we will not be investing in. Geographical location and organisational status guidelines are also available to read here.

How can I apply?

Fill in an expression of interest via our website and if the project is of interest to Voiceless, we will be in touch to arrange a meeting. Please ensure that you have read and meet our VGP eligibility and selection criteria before completing your expression of interest.

What are the selection criteria?

The selection criteria for applications are based on addressing and meeting the following four areas of merits: organisational fit and relevance, categorical fit and relevance, funding, and timeline fit. For more information on our criteria and areas of merit, visit our criteria page.

How does the Voiceless Grants Program application process and timeline work?

Our VGP expression of interest (EOI) timings and process are as follows:


EOI will be open from Wednesday, 1st February 2023 at 9am AEST.

Voiceless will run two grant rounds per calendar year.

EOI deadlines are:

  • 30 June 2023
  • 30 November 2023.


Step 1: Fill in an EOI via our website and if the project is of interest to Voiceless, we will be in touch to arrange a zoom meeting

Step 2: Voiceless will review and assess your EOI. Please note, EOI may take up to a month to be reviewed.

Step 3: Voiceless to request supplementary information of clarification for a complete application (if necessary).

Step 4: Notification of successful applicant and preparation of their grant funding agreement.

Step 5: Notify unsuccessful applicant with feedback on their application.

What funding can I apply for?

Voiceless has an annual sum to invest in organisations, people or projects. All grants are single-year. However, grantees who have demonstrated real impact, may apply again the following year.

Grant sizes are typically between AUD $10,000 to $30,000, and will be available within our 6 focus categories. For more information on the categories that we will be investing in, visit our criteria page.

Can I donate to the Voiceless Grants Program?

Yes! By supporting Voiceless, you will be helping us strategically fund and support some of the most innovative and impactful projects within the animal protection movement. Donate here

Why should I donate to the Voiceless Grants Program?

With 20 years of experience and connections, we are perfectly placed to invest in people and projects with new animal advocacy strategies that are needed to achieve meaningful change for animals. Through your support, you can be a crucial part of creating these meaningful reforms.

Thanks to a new funding model, 100% of your donations will be directed towards inspiring and visionary grants projects with zero donor funds going to administration costs.

Still need help, or have a question that is unanswered here?

Please contact us using this email address:


Apply for the Voiceless Grant Program


If you are a changemaker dedicated to protecting animals, we would love to hear from you. Click to read our eligibility criteria and expression of interest form to apply.



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