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Voiceless provides high-quality, free, Animal Protection Education (APE) resources for high-school educators.

Developed by teachers for teachers and aligned with the Year 7-10 Australian Curriculum, Voiceless Animal Protection Education (APE) resources encourage students to think critically about important animal protection issues. Our APEs provide teachers with the information and tools they need to deliver complete lessons in the classroom. Access our free online resources below and for more info, read our Philosophy and FAQs.

Comparing Cruelty

Understand how animal cruelty can be measured and compared between countries around the world using our interactive VACI.

Live Export

Investigate the live export trade and learn about the welfare issues associated with the transportation of animals across land and sea.

Animal Protection Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia provides definitions for key terms, issues, and concepts featured in Voiceless Animal Protection Education (APE) resources.

Critical Thinking

Equip students with the tools to they need to question, consider, and discuss. Lesson ideas for encouraging students to think critically about issues related to animal protection.

Navigating NAPLAN

Our Navigating NAPLAN resources are designed to help Australian English teachers prepare students for the annual NAPLAN writing assessments.

Dolphins in Captivity

Learn about the social and intelligent nature of dolphins, and the welfare issues associated with keeping them in captivity in aquariums and marine parks.

Broiler Chicken Welfare

Learn about the welfare issues faced by the over 600 million broiler chickens reared for their meat in Australia every year.

Legal Personhood

Learn about the concept of legal personhood for animals, and question whether certain animals should be recognised as ‘persons’ under the law.

The Lives of Animals

Learn about the text ‘The Lives of Animals’ by J M Coetzee, and explore the ethical and philosophical issues it raises about the human/animal relationship.

The Animal Allies Series

Explore the young adult fiction text Sky and its sequel Snow, by author Ondine Sherman. Follow the protagonist, Sky, as she navigates both adolescence and complex ethical issues.

Facts and Fishes

Learn about the wonderful world of fishes, and question your assumptions about these sophisticated, sentient, smart and social underwater animals.

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