Voiceless Directors jointly oversee the activities of the organisation. Drawn from a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences, Directors are united by their belief in animal protection and work collectively to guide the development of Voiceless.


Daniel Ramp

Dr Daniel Ramp is Director of the Centre for Compassionate Conservation at the University of Technology Sydney, where he is an Associate Professor in the TD School. He conducts transdisciplinary research that encourages coexistence between wildlife and people, focusing primarily on agricultural landscapes. His work cuts across animal welfare, ethics, ecology, behaviour, remote sensing, biodiversity monitoring, and data analytics. Prior to joining UTS in 2011, Dan was a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Ecosystem Science at the University of New South Wales, having previously completed his doctoral research on Eastern Grey Kangaroos at The University of Melbourne in 2001. He was awarded an Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2003 to explore ways to reduce vehicle-wildlife collisions. He joined the Voiceless board in 2008, is a founder of the Society for Compassionate Conservation, and is a board member of Minding Animals International.

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