Voiceless Legal Advisory Council (LAC) is a collection of Australian animal law experts who collaborate with Voiceless to provide their legal expertise and commentary on animal law education materials and initiatives.

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Sophie Riley

Dr Sophie Riley is an academic at the University of Technology Sydney. She has taught Animal Law and Policy in Australia since 2012 and also teaches Environmental Law and Environmental Ethics. UTS students of Animal Law and Policy have contributed case notes to an edited Animal Law Case Book, that is freely available online. The case book was made possible through a generous grant from Voiceless that assisted with the editing and production. Sophie’s research interests include the well-being of farm animals and evaluating the ethical implications of wildlife regulation. The latter links to Sophie’s position as a legal researcher for the Centre for Compassionate Conservation at the University of Technology Sydney. Sophie is also a member of GAL, the Global Animal Law expert group, and in addition, she is a member of the Animal Research Review Panel, a body that oversees Animal Ethics Committees in New South Wales.

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