How Voiceless is making a difference

Hear from our community of animal changemakers about how Voiceless has supported and guided their work.


Krystal Camilleri

Founder and Director
Farm Transitions Australia




Emma Hakansson

Founder and Director
Collective Fashion Justice

Without the support of Voiceless and its Grants Program, it would not have been possible to publish Total Ethics Fashion. This book is a manifesto for my charity, Collective Fashion Justice, and invites people to endorse a future fashion system that protects people, our fellow animals and the planet before profit. It highlights the reality that without ending the oppression of animals in fashion, other interconnected harms facing people and our shared planet will not end, either.

The grant application process was easy to navigate — sometimes grant application processes are a lot of work and you must hope it’s all worth it in the end! Voiceless was also supportive of the book’s release, promoting it to their audience.

For small charities like CFJ, grants from Voiceless are so important, and make the work that we know is critically needed a reality.



Omri Paz

Founder and CEO
Vegan Friendly

We want to thank Voiceless for their generous support. Although Vegan Friendly is an international and established organization, their support of our Food Engineering project was extremely impactful. Due to their support, we were able to veganise 4 products, making veganism more accessible and saving a total of 300,000 eggs every year. We are extra excited to take the knowledge from our project in Israel and share it with other organizations in the world.

On top of that, we have to say that there are many grants that have a very inefficient process that takes a lot of time and resources out of the grantees. This is not the case with Voiceless. Their grant process was very efficient. They knew to ask us all the right questions, making the process very professional on the one hand but efficient on the other hand.

During the whole process, Kate and Ondine were wonderful. They were very clear on their side about what they were looking for and gave lots of great feedback and constructive criticism.



Kate Clere

Founder and Director
Kangaroos Alive

Kangaroos Alive are a not for profit that coordinate a global movement for the ethical treatment of kangaroos . Each year Kangaroos Alive host World Kangaroo Day- an international day of celebration that acts as a conduit for animal advocates, indigenous nations, wildlife carers, conservations, biologists, educators and animal lovers to raise public awareness for kangaroos.  The Voiceless support for World Kangaroo Day ensures all these voices for kangaroos are heard, with a special focus on First Nations Voices through the Yuin Declaration for Kangaroos Program that creates a foundation for World Kangaroo Day and our ongoing work.  Programs such as the Kangaroo Walks and Talks, Coexisting with Kangaroos and the campaign to end the importation of kangaroo body parts into the EU, have all benefited from the support of Voiceless.  Kangaroos Alive thank Voiceless for enabling us to challenge and change the outdated colonial narrative that exploits and disgards kangaroos- to one of coexisting, caring and appreciating our wildlife.



The Animalex Team

Professor Nick James (Bond University), Dr Raj Reddy (Centre for Animal Law Studies) and Dr Meg Good (Bond University)

The grant support from Voiceless for the Animalex collaboration between the Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) at Lewis & Clark Law School in the United States and Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLE) at Bond University in Australia will help support our development of the world’s first open-access online animal law education resource library and networking hub.

Through increasing access to critical animal law resources and educational materials such as course syllabi, lesson plans, presentations, assessments, and more, Animalex will empower animal law advocates, educators, and scholars and educate and inspire members of the general public.

The Voiceless Grants Program provides valuable support that helps make initiatives like Animalex possible. We are grateful to Voiceless not only for its grant support but also for its commitment to our collective belief in the transformative power of animal law education. We believe that by connecting animal lawyers around the world and opening up access to animal law education to the public, Animalex can help create important stepping stones towards improved animal protection around the globe.

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