Voiceless Core Values

In addition to our values towards animals (reflected in our Vision, Mission and Grants Criteria) Core Values are Voiceless’s guiding principles as we strive towards a just, equitable world where animals can flourish. 

Our Core Values include critical thinking, fact-based approaches, thoughtful communications, open and respectful discussion or debate, inclusion, integrity, diversity, and empathy, kindness and compassion for all humans and more-than-humans. 

We work to embody these Core Values and expect them in the organisations, advocates, and projects we partner with and support. Core Values must be demonstrated both in words and in actions, both at the level of organisational governance, communications as well as by the key advocates involved in Voiceless-supported or partner projects.   

Voiceless will not support people or projects who do not reflect these Core Values throughout their advocacy work, including external communications such as social media.  

This includes – misinformation, bias, hate-speech, false narratives, extremism, hyperbole, and bigotry of any form including sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and religious or cultural discrimination including antisemitism and Islamophobia.  

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