Voiceless Legal Advisory Council (LAC) is a collection of Australian animal law experts who collaborate with Voiceless to provide their legal expertise and commentary on animal law education materials and initiatives.


Sarah Margo

Sarah was both Legal Counsel and Animal Law & Education Manager during her time in the Voiceless Team from 2013-2019. Sarah worked on law and policy reform, advocacy campaigns, research and education and co-authored the 2015 edition of the Voiceless Animal Law Toolkit.

Sarah completed her Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of International Studies at the University of New South Wales. She created extra animal law study options and completed an extended legal thesis on animal rights.

As former Co-Secretary of the NSW Young Lawyers’ Animal Law Committee, she revised and edited the Guide to Companion Animal Law in NSW (2nd edition, 2014). She also served as a mentor for law students with an interest in animal protection and social justice through the Sydney University Law Society, and continues to mentor new practitioners entering the field. Sarah currently co-teaches the Animal Law course at the University of New South Wales, and volunteers her legal expertise with the Animal Law Institute and the Animal Defenders Office.

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