The Voiceless Team are an experienced group of lawyers, communicators, teachers and professional advocates united by their passion for animal protection issues. They work collectively with the goal of ensuring animal protection is the next great social justice movement.

Meg Good

Dr Meg Good was a core member of the Voiceless team for over five years from 2017-2022. From 2019-2022, she was the Senior Program Manager and Legal Counsel at Voiceless, originally joining the team in January 2017 as the Animal Law & Education Manager.

Prior to joining Voiceless, Meg was a sessional academic at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) where she completed her PhD in law and taught across a wide range of arts and law units (2009-2018). She coordinated the UTAS Animal Law course in her capacity as an Adjunct Lecturer and recently assisted with the delivery of the Macquarie University Animal Law elective. Through her role at Voiceless, she had the opportunity to deliver guest lectures into many of Australia’s animal law courses across the country.

Meg has held positions with various animal law organisations, including the Animal Law Institute (former Director of Education), the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel (former National Co-Ordinator & Tasmanian Co-Ordinator) and the Australian Animal Protection Law Journal (former Chief Editor). She was the inaugural recipient of the RSPCA Australia Sybil Emslie Animal Law Scholarship. Meg is currently the Secretary of the Australasian Animal Law Teachers’ and Researchers’ Association.

Prior to joining Voiceless, Meg was a Voiceless Grant Recipient (grant awarded to run Tasmania’s first animal law conference), member of the Voiceless Legal Advisory Council and a regular speaker in the Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series. She has had a lifelong passion for animal protection, and believes in the power of the law and education to help improve the welfare and protection of Australia’s animals.

Meg is now working at the Australian Alliance for Animals as their Head of Programs and Legal Counsel, but continues on with Voiceless as both Company Secretary and Grants Advisor.

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