Dolphins in captivity

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dolphind in captivity


Our Animal Protection Education (APE) provides students and teachers with the information they need to understand the issue of dolphins in captivity.


Years 7-10.


Encourage critical thinking on the subject of dolphins in captivity by downloading our free APE resources below:


This 8-minute video features experts, animal protection advocates and high school students on the issue of dolphin captivity. It contains no graphic footage, and is suitable for use in high school classrooms for all ages and countries.

Here’s a worksheet you can use alongside this video.


A comprehensive analysis of dolphins and issues relating to captivity to encourage critical thinking in the classroom. Browse through the Flipbook of the factsheet below or download your pdf here. Some of the questions covered include:

  • What are dolphins?
  • Are captive dolphins bred in captivity or captured from the wild?
  • What are the impacts of captivity on dolphin welfare?
  • Can dolphin captivity be justified?
  • What is the future of dolphin captivity?


Dolphins in Captivity Infographic Thumbnail

Concise and ideal for visual learners. This infographic can be printed for use in the classroom, or used as an e-resource. Download a pdf here.


TALKING APESExperts Discuss Dolphins in Captivity

This engaging and informative 13-minute educational podcast is suitable for all ages and countries. High school students can listen in to hear a number of views from people working in the field. It is suitable for use in high school classrooms.

Interviewees include:

  • Craig Brokensha, a surfer and advocate.
  • Rob Harcourt, Professor of Marine Ecology at Macquarie University.
  • Jo-Anne McArthur, photojournalist and founder of We Animals.
  • Jordan Sosnowski, Advocacy Director at Action for Dolphins.
  • Bailey Mason, dolphin protection advocate with the Empty the Tanks campaign.

Note: Prof Rob Harcourt receives some funding from the Australian Government and has previously received funding from the Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation. Action for Dolphins has previously received funding from Voiceless.

Teacher Tip Icon  Here’s a worksheet you can use alongside this podcast.

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