Broiler Chicken Welfare

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Our Animal Protection Education (APE) provides students and teachers with the information they need to understand how chicken meat is produced in Australia, and the welfare issues associated with broiler chicken production methods.


Years 7-10.


Encourage critical thinking on the subject of broiler chicken welfare by downloading our free APE resources below:

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This video explains how chickens are reared for meat production in Australia, and outlines the associated welfare issues. It is ideal for educating secondary school students on the animal protection issues raised by meat chicken farming.

View our video here and download the video transcript for students to follow along or use for activities.

 Here’s a worksheet you can use alongside this video.


A comprehensive analysis of dolphins and issues relating to captivity to encourage critical thinking in the classroom. Browse through the Flipbook of the factsheet below or download your pdf here.

Some of the questions covered include:

  • What are broiler chickens?
  • What is natural behaviour for a broiler chicken?
  • How are chickens raised for meat in Australia?
  • What is animal welfare?


“Chicken Meat – Where Does It Come From?” Download a printable version of the infographic or click through to view an enlarged version.




This 8-week unit of work has been developed for a Stage 4, Year 7 English Class and uses Ondine Sherman’s coming of age novel; Sky, as the primary text.

Students will explore a wide range of themes including; animal protection, family, rebellion, heroism, truth, tragedy, the power of language and how one person can make a difference in the world. Explore the resources here!

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