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Voiceless creates high-quality, free, Animal Protection Education (APE) resources for high-school educators.

Live Export Teacher Resources


Our Animal Protection Education (APE) resources provide students and teachers with the information they need to understand and discuss the live animal export trade including the welfare issues it poses to animals, how it is regulated and considerations about the future of the trade. 


Years 9-10


These resources invite students to consider:

  • Why countries import and export live animals
  • The welfare risks posed to animals at sea
  • Who is responsible for the welfare of animals on board ships
  • Whether the live export trade can be improved or should be banned in Australia
  • The ethics of the global live export trade


Encourage critical thinking on the subject of live animal export by downloading our free APE resources below:

To access lessons and worksheets see the box on the right hand side of this page.


This 5-minute video introduces students to the global live animal export trade. It contains no graphic footage and is suitable for use in high school classrooms for all ages and countries.

You can also download the transcript of this video for your students to follow along or use for activities.


A comprehensive introduction to the live animal export trade to encourage critical thinking in the classroom. Flip through the Fact Sheet below or download your pdf  here.


Live Export Teacher Guide

This Teacher Guide has been designed to provide teachers with the information, tips and additional resources required to facilitate lessons on the topic of live animal export.


Live Export Quiz

A Glossary of 46 key terms and definitions in addition to an online quiz to help students test their understanding of the key terms contained in this APE. Click here to access the Quiz.

Access the Animal Protection Encyclopedia here

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Live Export Teacher Testimonial

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