Animal Protection Heroes

Voiceless is the home of animal protection and animal law education. Today's youth will be tomorrow's change-makers. Voiceless works to educate and inspire a new generation to think critically and make positive changes for animals.

Voiceless Animal Protection Heroes Illustration

Animal Protection Heroes

In memory of Elaine Morris

They are the dedicated and selfless individuals who work tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate injured and abused animals. Whether they’re restoring the wellbeing of sheeps, pigs or chickens who have fallen victim to industrialised farming or nursing an orphaned joey who would otherwise be unable to survive alone, they often operate with zero financial support. This means using their own personal finances and even sacrificing their own homes for the sake and love of the animals. They are the unsung heroes of Australia’s animal protection community – the animal carers.

To celebrate Voiceless turning 15 in 2019, we set out to award seven gifts of $1,000 each to these incredible individuals to be assessed according to the criteria of commitment, contribution and need. We were overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of the responses and so, we added an eighth and called it the People’s Choice, voted for by our generous and compassionate community of donors. 

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In Memoriam

These gifts are in memory of Elaine Morris, our beloved colleague and dear friend. Elaine was with Voiceless from our very first year in 2004 and instrumental in building our organisation from the ground up. The bedrock of all our activities and efforts, Elaine devoted her life to making a difference for animals and her contribution to the animal protection movement was a gift we were fortunate to receive.

Sanctuary Friends of Voiceless

Voiceless is building a coalition of sanctuaries around Australia to help foster a supportive community for animal carers. By becoming a member of the Sanctuary Friends of Voiceless, you will become involved in our school engagement programs and we will refer to your work in our Animal Protection Education (APE) resources. We will also share your sanctuary’s content across Voiceless’ various social media platforms.

In turn, we hope that our Sanctuary Friends will share our resources in the context of their important work.

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