A Voiceless initiative to recognise and reward on-the-ground animal carers who share our education philosophy.

To celebrate Voiceless turning 15 in 2019, we set out to recognise the tireless work of the dedicated and selfless individuals who rescue and rehabilitate injured and abused animals across Australia.

In 2020, the Voiceless Animal Protection Heroes returned!

Whether they’re restoring the well-being of sheep, pigs or chickens who have fallen victim to industrialised farming, or nursing an orphaned joey who would otherwise be unable to survive alone; animal carers often operate with zero financial support. This means using their own personal finances and even sacrificing their own homes for the sake and love of the animals.

Click to view our 2020 Voiceless Animal Protection Heroes! 

Who can apply?

  • Owners of farmed animal sanctuaries in Australia
  • Wildlife carers in Australia

How are applications assessed?

We have a rigorous assessment process, which takes into account three criteria:

    1. Commitment
    2. Contribution
    3. Need

The Voiceless Team – with expertise and experience in animal advocacy, law, education and communications – assess applications based on sacrifices made and the time spent caring for animals. We also take into account other sources of funding, planned projects, and the extent to which they would benefit from the gift.

Special consideration is given to sanctuaries or carers whose work contributes to the greater animal protection movement through workshops, school visits or other educational programs.

Can I vote for my favourite Animal Protection Hero?

Yes! Our People’s Choice is voted for by our generous and compassionate community of monthly and major donors. Reserve your voting rights by becoming a monthly donor today!

What do the recipients receive?

All eight recipients receive $1,000 each. The Voiceless Animal Protection Heroes are also featured on our website and can benefit from the social media exposure that Voiceless – one of the oldest and most respected animal protection organisations in Australia – can offer. We want to help spread the word!

The Voiceless Animal Protection Heroes was created in memory of Elaine Morris, our dearest friend and a dedicated animal advocate.
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