Animal Protection Heroes

Recipients of the inaugural Animal Protection Heroes in 2019

Voiceless Animal Protection Heroes

Colleen Gilbee

As a 24/7 on-call rescuer, Colleen Gilbee juggles her full-time job with saving domestic and wild animals in Victoria. Heading out at all hours of the night, she never leaves an animal in need. With no government or external support, Colleen has spent tens of thousands of dollars over her 20 years in animal rescue. She is currently working with local councils and VIC Roads to update road signs at hot spots for wildlife crossings on Phillip Island.

Dimmocks Retreat

Justine and Greg, the husband and wife team behind Dimmocks Retreat Wildlife Rehabilitation & Rescue, have devoted their lives to rescuing orphaned, injured and sick wildlife on their property in Bundanoon. Severely affected by the drought, they have been struggling to feed their orphans in care, making their rehabilitation even more difficult. Surviving on donations from their community, Justine and Greg hope to expand their operation and open a hospital for specialist animal care.

Furever Farm

For Darren’s family at Furever Farm, gone are the days of eating out and socialising, and they wouldn’t want it any other way. Revolving their life around animal rescue and rehabilitation, Furever Farm takes in the needy and abused while educating the public on why animals need our protection. Darren hopes to expand the sanctuary to take in more and more rescues and will continue his commitment to providing sanctuary for as many animals as his family can. Read more about Furever Farm and their Animal Protection Hero gift in the Adelaide Advertiser. 

Jarake Wildlife

Raymon and Marie dedicate their lives and 130 acre property to wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. Jarake Wildlife treats mange in wombats and conducts daily road checks for survivors of hit and run accidents, often saving young joeys from mothers pouches. After exposing appalling logging practices in the Glenbog State Forest, they developed guidelines for wombat protection now used by the NSW Forestry Department. They hope to expand these guidelines across all states.

Lucky Stars

Kerrie and the carers at Lucky Stars Sanctuary Inc look after 300 rescued farmed animals and respond to a 24-hour wildlife care hotline. On top of keeping pressure on their local MPs to protect animals through legislation, the folks at Lucky Stars also work full time. Their gift from Voiceless will be allocated towards a much-needed rainwater tank to provide clean water for the young, injured and ill.

Melbourne Chicken Rescue

Liz and Nicole of Melbourne Chicken Rescue have been rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing thousands of chickens since 2013. Both are active animal advocates who have been witness to shocking cases of cruelty and neglect. As a result, MCR has become home to many chickens with special needs, stocking wheelchairs and sponge beds for ongoing care. We wrote a blog about ruler of the roost, Tilt, and his journey from factory farm floor to sanctuary at Melbourne Chicken Rescue. Read it here!

Murrindindi Ranges

Kate runs Murrindindi Ranges Wildlife Shelter for kangaroos and possums but welcomes any animals that need her help.

Providing 24/7 care, her 150-acre property is a dedicated release area for rehabilitated rescued animals. Kate is studying to be a vet tech and has a degree in veterinary bio science that helps her educate visitors about wildlife and their innate value. Despite the financial burden of veterinary bills and joey milk, Kate is completely devoted to her work as a rescuer.

Koalas in Care

Koalas In Care Inc. has been operating out of Taree, NSW since 2005, offering 24 hour rescue and care to koalas. Founders, Paul and Christeen, have personally been rehabilitating koalas since 1993 and have devoted their lives and home to them. They rely entirely on donations and voluntary assistance, as they receive no government funding. Most recently, the Koalas in Care team have been searching for survivors of the devastating fires that have torn through the Mid-North Coast. 

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