Animal Protection Heroes

Farmed animal sanctuary owners and wildlife carers alike, these heroes of the animal protection world have been hit hard by the recent bushfires coupled with the ongoing pandemic. We're proud to announce the recipients of our 2020 Voiceless Animal Protection Heroes gifts!

Barnyard Betty's Farm Animal Sanctuary

Barnyard Betty’s Rescue in rural Queensland is primarily a farmed animal and wildlife rescue who have also found themselves taking in cats and dogs.  A mother cat and her four kittens were recently dumped on their property. It’s been a battle for Barnyard Betty’s to stay afloat after years of drought, the ongoing pandemic, and a looming economic downturn. However with the support of their community, they’re determined to grow and thrive so they can continue to provide a safe haven for animals in need.

Founded in 2006, Brightside Farm Sanctuary is the first of its kind in Tasmania, offering an extensive education program that has seen them address approximately 30,000 students on issues of animal protection and factory farming. In line with our education philosophy, Brightside will use their gift to purchase AV equipment in order to more effectively and efficiently address and educate the ever-growing groups that visit their sanctuary. We highly recommend following Emma and Brightside on Instagram – if you know, you know!

Deathrow Unchained is a volunteer-run organisation based in Burbank, Brisbane.  Currently home to approximately 120 permanent residents, Deathrow’s family include blind and deaf cows, bobby calves, chickens, ducks, peacocks, ex-racehorses, “tea cup” pigs (who have grown quite large) and many, many more. Our Voiceless Animal Protection Heroes gift will provide 6 months of food for the slow feeder in their disability paddock, and we’re so proud to be supporting such a fantastic operation.

Freedom Hill Sanctuary opened 9 years ago with a single lamb named Lynn. Today they have over 100 animal residents who helped to educate the sanctuary’s large online community about the inherent cruelties of the animal agriculture industry. After the bushfires earlier this year, they decided to relocate and now hope to expand their operation in order to educate on a larger scale and offer more opportunities for humans to engage with the plight of farmed animals.

Happily Heifer After were the winners of our People’s Choice Award, voted for by our community of donors and friends. Over the past 22 months, they have rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed over 350 animals from various situations with 60+ residing at the sanctuary as permanent residents who – for one reason or another – are not able to be adopted out. Some of these residents have behavioural issues, others have a disability and many have ongoing health issues due to the suffering they faced in industrial farms. We hope to provide exposure for this relatively new safe space for the animals!

Since 2011, Lefty’s Place has rescued thousands of commercial egg laying hens and broiler chickens. Run by photographer, Tamara Kenneally, Lefty’s has provided lifelong homes to many in need, and Tamara is now in the process of building infrastructure to turn her sanctuary into a place where no chicken in need is turned away. The Voiceless Animal Protection Heroes gift will help Tamara build more chicken coops for future feathered residents!

Orphan Lamb Rescue are located in Glencoe, South Australia. It launched to fill a desperate need for lamb rescue in the heart of sheep farming country and from their small beginnings, they now receive many calls for help from commercial farmers, hobby farmers and members of the community to foster their abandoned, ill or disabled lambs. Their rescue is a labour of love for the animals and no orphaned lamb is ever turned away at Orphan Lamb Rescue.

The Owl & The PussyCat

Based in the Northern Rivers of NSW, The Owl and the PussyCat Farm Animal Sanctuary provides a loving haven for neglected, starved and unwanted farmed animals. Their family is made up of horses, cows, calves, chickens and ducks who are a mixture of permanent residents and those seeking emergency accommodation.  Impacted by drought, floods, and now the ongoing pandemic, this sanctuary will use their gift to repair and register a horse float which will act as evacuation transport should they need it in the future.  

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