Voiceless develops animal law educational materials for universities and supports the development of animal law courses in Australia.

Our multi-faceted educational program for law students and teachers increases knowledge and awareness of animal protection issues in our legal systems.

Voiceless develops animal law educational materials for use in universities and supports the development of animal law courses across Australia. We encourage the professional development of Australia’s animal law educators and deliver animal law presentations at universities across the country and at national and international conferences.

We also offer an internship program for law students and support student animal law events and initiatives across the country.

We are proud to partner with the Bond University Centre for Professional Legal Education on the development of our Animal Law Education (ALE) resources.

Why is animal law education important?

Voiceless believes animal law education is a crucial aspect of the animal protection social justice movement.

Teaching animal law to law students ensures that the next generation of change makers in law, government and politics have an understanding of the key role law plays in animal protection.

As explained by Dr Joanna Kyriakakis, Animal Law Lecturer at Monash University:

The subject’s embeddedness in law school curricula can have flow-on effects that benefit the broader social movement… providing more law students with the opportunity to study animal law produces future lawyers, legislators, policy makers, and judges attuned to the social conditions of animals and to the role of law in constructing, perpetuating, mediating and changing those conditions.


Animal law education resources

We create freely available, up-to-date and professionally developed animal law educational materials for use in universities around the world.

Our Animal Law Education (ALE) materials have been designed by tertiary educators for tertiary educators, and created in collaboration with the Bond University Centre for Professional Legal Education.

They enable animal law teachers to easily run engaging classes on key animal law topics by using our free and professionally developed resources and tutorial activities.

Access Module One (Moral and Legal Status of Animals) here and Module Two (Animal Law & Policy Reform) here.

Supporting animal law teachers

Voiceless runs the annual Animal Law Education Workshop (ALE Workshop) – Australia’s only animal law teacher professional development forum. Attended by Australia and New Zealand’s animal law lecturers and researchers, the ALE Workshop provides animal law teachers with the opportunity to share ideas and learn from the experiences and expertise of their peers. 

The ALE Workshop is attended by:

  • People who are currently teaching animal law units in AUS/NZ or have done so in the past;
  • People who are planning to teach animal law units in AUS/NZ;
  • People who are undertaking animal law postgraduate research in AUS/NZ;
  • Legal counsel from animal protection organisations in AUS/NZ.

Animal Law Education Workshop 2020

The ALE Workshop 2020 ran as an online event, co-hosted by Voiceless, the Bond University Centre for Professional Legal Education and the Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark Law School

The Keynote Public Lecture was delivered by Professor Raj Reddy (Center for Animal Law Studies). Click play to hear him discuss the global rise of animal law education. 

Animal Law Education Workshop 2018-19

The 2018 and 2019 ALE Workshops were coordinated by Voiceless with our ALE partner, the Bond University Centre for Professional Legal Education, and generously hosted in Sydney by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

ALE Workshop 2019

ALE Workshop 2018

Listen to one of the presentations delivered by University of Otago animal law lecturer Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere below. 



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