Comparative Animal Law: Farmed Animals

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portrait of a cow in a field

In collaboration with the Bond University Centre for Professional Legal Education and the Center for Animal Law Studies (Lewis & Clark), Voiceless has created a suite of comparative animal law materials for use by animal law teachers around the world.

These resources encourage students to engage in comparative analysis of the laws addressing farmed animal welfare in Australia and the USA. Using these materials, students can think critically and discuss and debate the various approaches adopted by the different jurisdictions.

The following country profiles enable easy comparative analysis, as the materials provided explore the same key topics for each jurisdiction: the history of factory farming, regulation of farmed animal transport, regulation of farmed animal slaughter, creation and use of ag-gag laws, issues with false advertising, and the impacts of factory farming on the environment and human diseases.


Cow standing in a field

United States of America

cows in an industrial farm

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