Lesson Six: English Yr 7/9

Share, Reflect, Redraft

Curriculum links: Year 7 – ACELT1619 Year 9 – ACELT1635

Resources you will need

Lesson structure

  1. Encourage the students to discuss their persuasive responses with each other.
  2. Distribute another copy of the Techniques of persuasion worksheet. Ask the students to identify the techniques of persuasion used by their partner.
  3. Bring the class together, and ask each pair to share with the class the different techniques they used, writing them up on the board as you progress. Discuss which approaches were most effective, and why.
  4. Using the Lesson 6 Persuasive Writing PowerPoint slides, run through the Essay checklist worksheet with the students.
  5. Encourage them to discuss in pairs how well they feel their persuasive response checks off the items on the list.
  6. As a class, ask the students to reflect on:
    • The concept of persuasive writing and their experiences with it.
    • The arguments that were presented and why, including whether they were for/against their chosen statement, and how they reacted to the arguments made by other students.
    • Which persuasive techniques they chose to use, why they chose them, where and how they used them, how well they worked, etc…
    • Which examples from the fact sheets were used? What examples were most common? Why might this be the case?
  7. Give students time to redraft their writing, taking all of the feedback into consideration.

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