The Voiceless Media Prizes is currently on hold as we concentrate on some exciting new projects and programs such as our Animal Protection Education (APE) and Animal Law Education (ALE) resources. 

The Voiceless Media Prizes have always recognised the most accurate and influential reports on factory farming, kangaroo hunting, animal law, live export and other important issues that affect animals in Australia.

In 2016, the Prizes were sponsored by Hunter Hall International Limited, and included $5,000 first prizes and $2,500 runner up prizes in each of the 3 categories: Journalism in written form (published in print media); Journalism in written form (published online) and Journalism in video form (broadcast on TV or digital platforms).

The successful nominees were stories which:

  • Addressed factory farming, food labelling and certification, live export, animal law including enforcement and governance, hunting, animal experimentation, animals in entertainment, animals killed for fashion; or
  • Built public understanding of animal sentience; or
  • Examined the ethical relationship between human and non-human animals.

The winners were selected by our returning panel of judges:

  • Professor J. M. Coetzee, winner of the 2003 Nobel Prize for Literature and Voiceless Patron;
  • Will Potter, award winning investigative journalist and Senior TED Fellow;
  • Brian Sherman AM, co-founder and Managing Director of Voiceless;
  • Ondine Sherman, co-founder and Managing Director of Voiceless; and
  • Elise Burgess, Head of Communications at Voiceless and former journalist.
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