Voiceless envisions a just, equitable world where animals can flourish.


To celebrate twenty years of Voiceless’s work to protect animals, we are donating $20,000 to 20 animals and honouring the inspirational organisations that protect them. Twenty inspirational organisations and advocates will receive $1,000 as a token of our appreciation for their outstanding advocacy work and contribution towards protecting a dedicated animal.



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Animals are sentient beings with their own rich, complex emotional and social lives. Through science-based research, law and education, Voiceless explores the key issues in animal protection.

  • Live Export Icon
  • Live Export

    Every year, around three million live animals are exported from Australia for slaughter overseas.

  • Kangaroos
  • Kangaroos

    The commercial killing of kangaroos is a multi-million dollar meat and skin industry and the largest slaughter of land-based animals in the world.

  • Broiler Chickens
  • Broiler Chickens

    Each year 600 million chickens are produced for meat in Australia and most are factory farmed, with up to 60,000 broiler chickens living in a single shed.

  • Dairy Cows
  • Dairy Cows

    Each year around 450,000 calves, considered ‘wastage’, are taken from their mothers and either killed on-farm or sent for commercial slaughter within just five days of being born.

  • Battery Hens
  • Battery Hens

    Over 10 million battery hens are confined to small cages in Australia, unable to perform even their most natural behaviours.

  • more hot topics
  • More Hot Topics

    See here for more in-depth information and factsheets on other topics.

Voiceless grants program

The Voiceless Grant’s Program supports impactful initiatives in line with our vision to create a just, equitable world where animals can flourish.


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New partnership that fosters animal protection education

Voiceless: the animal protection institute is delighted to announce a new partnership that fosters animal protection education. The Voiceless grant will enable the Israeli Human and Animal Institute to develop human-to-animal empathy and connection in young children through their innovative "Animals with Us" program. The program will be taught as part of the science curriculum in up to 600 primary schools across Israel.

Live animal export explained

Live export refers to the commercial exportation of living animals between countries for various purposes, including slaughter or breeding. Many of these journeys cover extremely long distances, which can span weeks at sea or many hours in the air flying between countries or continents. In particular, sea travel is often an arduous, uncomfortable and stressful experience for the animals on board and one in which casualties and loss of life is inevitable.

Voiceless is proud to invest in Farm Transitions Australia

Voiceless is proud to invest in Farm Transitions Australia (FTA) and support farmers in embracing a plant-based future. FTA is a unique and innovative organisation, providing free assistance, tools, resources and business support services to animal-based farmers wanting to transition their farms and embrace new opportunities in plant-focused agriculture.














An interactive and innovative tool that compares the animal welfare performance of some of the largest livestock producers in the world. Find out how your country compares on the newly updated Voiceless Animal Cruelty Index (VACI).



Animal Law Services List

There are a range of animal law organisations and law firms offering animal law services across Australia. In order to assist the Voiceless community and beyond, we’ve compiled this list to make your search for an animal law organisation or law firm as quick, easy and accessible as possible.

These services can include:

  • Providing legal advice on issues of animal law;
  • submitting law reform submissions;
  • running animal law events;
  • educating the community on animal law, and;
  • providing space for burgeoning animal lawyers to grow through internships and PLT placements.

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Animal Law Services List

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