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Explore the achievements of Voiceless made possible by our generous and compassionate community of donors.



As always, Voiceless remains passionate about youth education and the power of the next generation – our future decision makers and changemakers.

On behalf of my co-founder and father, Brian Sherman, and the entire Voiceless team, thank you for standing by us and supporting our work. Within the pages of this report, we will make clear that no matter the size of your contribution, Voiceless flourished, thanks to you.

We have an enormous responsibility to protect animals and nothing, not even a global pandemic, will slow us down.

Ondine Sherman
Voiceless Co-Founder and Managing Director

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Dear friends and supporters of Voiceless,

It is wholly thanks to your commitment to our vision that Voiceless continues to educate and inspire the next generation to create a kinder world for animals. As we approach the end of our 15th year, I am delighted to share this report with you as well as our highlight and achievements from throughout 2019.

Despite our many victories over the years, there is still work to do. This year was marred by the continuation of Australia’s live export industry, the expansion of the kangaroo industry, cruelty exposés in both the greyhound and horse racing industry as well as the censoring of animal advocates through the rapid expansion of ag-gag laws across the country. A fundamental shift in the human-animal relationship needs to happen now, and we believe that education is the key…

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