Voiceless Book Club: Our Top Reads These Holidays

Voiceless Book Club: Our Top Reads These Holidays

We believe knowledge is power, and there is so much knowledge within the pages of a good book! With the holidays upon us, it’s the perfect time to kick your feet up and get lost in a book.

Our team has shared the books that have inspired, educated and motivated them to become part of the animal protection movement.

When Elephants Weep – Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
Elaine Morris, Head of Operations & Development
“This book made me think for the first time about the intelligence and sentience of these majestic creatures, and by extension, the intelligence and sentience of so many of the animal kingdom.  It was probably the chapters about grieving that touched me hardest though (almost breaking my heart) and made me realise that I wanted to be part of the solution – to change the way so many treat, use and disregard animals.”

What a Fish Knows – Jonathan Balcombe
Sarah Margo – Legal Counsel
“While it’s easy to relate to other furry mammals like us, most of us find it difficult to comprehend life for our underwater friends. This book is amazing, with insight after insight into the complex abilities and inner lives of fishes. As we keep learning about these animals and how they navigate their underwater world, this book offers a refreshed respect for all life, no matter how seemingly alien from us.”

Committed: A Rabble-Rouser’s Memoir
Sarah Margo – Legal Counsel
“This memoir about being an animal rights activist is inspirational and powerful, yet totally irreverent and light-hearted. Dan Mathews is hilarious, and somehow captures a comical, spirited side of the serious world of animal activism. It’s a great read for anyone curious about some of the amazing people driving the movement.”

Voices in the Ocean – Susan Casey
Harriet Spark, Designer and Social Media Manager
“I was already aware that dolphins were incredibly intelligent and social beings, but it wasn’t until I read this book that I truly understood to what extent. Humans have had a fascination with these animals for thousands of years. Susan Casey takes you on an engaging journey through the astonishing, amazing and often heart-breaking history of humankind’s relationship with one of the most wonderful animals on the planet. I couldn’t put it down!”

The Voiceless Team Book Club
Harriet, Meg and Sarah with their favourite animal protection reads.

Green is the New Red – Will Potter
Meg Good, Animal Law & Education Manager
“This book completely opened my eyes. I read it after listening to Will Potter’s incredible talk at the Voiceless Law Lecture Series a number of years ago (check it out on YouTube if you’re interested). Will is a journalist from the US who has been documenting the increasing and concerning rise of government focus and control over environmental and animal activists. It clearly demonstrates the crucial importance of protecting fundamental human rights and freedoms in order to enable protesters and advocates to effectively speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.”

The Lives of Animals – J.M. Coetzee
Ondine Sherman, Voiceless Co-founder
“One of the seminal books that inspired my father, Brian, and I when we started Voiceless nearly fifteen years ago. Through the perspective of different characters with often opposing views, this novella encourages us to think deeply about the fundamental questions of our relationship with animals. Compelling and beautifully written, it has and will always remain with me.“

Great Apes – Will Self
Ondine Sherman, Voiceless Co-founder
“I couldn’t stop thinking and talking about this book when I read it many years ago. The story blurs the line between humans and apes and is so genius in its telling it makes the reader’s head spin. In light of the current legal battle to give chimpanzees legal personhood (which you can learn more about in our latest APE), the story is more fascinating and relevant now than ever before.”

Isa Does It – Isa Chandra
Harriet Spark, Designer and Social Media Manager
“This isn’t a novel, but I’m sure we’ll all be eating a lot of plant-based snacks over the holiday period! I am obsessed with cookbooks by Isa Chandra at the moment. This cookbook really helped me take my plant-based cooking skills to the next level. The recipes are super easy to follow, and my partner and I now live by the motto ABS (Always Be Soaking) your cashews so you can make delicious, creamy sauces whenever you need to. I’d definitely recommend this to any seasoned vegans or those who are starting to consider making the transition.”

Got a favourite read that you think we should know about!? You can join the Voiceless Book Club by sharing your favourite reads with #VoicelessBookClub on Instagram.

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