Snow: Assessment Tasks

Assessment Tasks

See the range of assessment tasks below which are also embedded into the sequence of learning for this unit of work.

Teachers could also use evidence of student work from each of the 5 focus areas to bring together a portfolio of work to show how achievements have been met.

Formative Assessment 1  
Creative Tasks. 

Students can select one of three creative tasks including; a dramatic monologue, a letter or a journal entry.

Refer to Focus Area 2 – Families and Forgiveness, for more information on this task.

Formative Assessment 2 
Research Task – Unsung Heroes.

Research one hero/heroines of animal protection and present this to the class in a short speech.

Refer to Focus Area 3 – The Rebellious Hero, for more information on this task.

Formative Assessment 3 
Visual Literacy – Campaigning for Truth.  

Students design a campaign poster to both inform and encourage people to ask questions and seek the truth about the source and contents of their food.

Refer to Focus Area 4 –Truth Speaking, for more information on this task.

Formative Assessment 4 
Reflection – Assessing the ability to reflect. 

All 5 focus areas have a reflection component which could be used as a formative refection assessment.

Summative Assessment  
Essay Writing.

Students to compose an analytical essay on the theme of animal protection and how this is presented in the novel.

This could be modified to use as a formal school assessment task – with students completing the task at home, or under timed conditions in class, and marked by the teacher.

Refer to Focus Area 5: The Power of Language, for more information on this task as well as specific essay questions.

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