Lesson Five: English, Yr 7/9

Write Here, Write Now!

Curriculum links: Year 7 – ACELY1726 Year 9 – ACELT1771

Resources you will need

Lesson structure

  1. Provide copies of the three factsheets to each student.
  2. Put up on the screen the Lesson 5 Persuasive Writing PowerPoint slides. These slides contain the stimulus options.
  3. Distribute the Persuasive Writing Prompts.
  4. Ask them to use the information in the fact sheets to create a persuasive response either for or against the following statements in the Persuasive Writing Prompts:
    • Non-human animals should count as ‘persons’ under the law, not just as ‘things’.
    • It is acceptable to keep dolphins in captivity for the purpose of educating and entertaining people.
    • Housing chickens permanently indoors is not acceptable.

They may find it useful to consult further resources (including videos) for each topic.

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