Facts and Fishes Assessment

See the range of suggested assessment tasks below which are also embedded into the sequence of learning for this unit of work. Note that some of the student worksheets would also work well as a means of assessment.

Formative Assessment 1

Creative Task.

Students to design a poster which busts the myth: Fishes aren’t Sophisticated.

Refer to Focus Area 1: Myth Busting – The Capabilities of Sophisticated Fishes, for more information on this task.


Formative Assessment 2 

Research Task. 

Students undertake a research task and complete a Fishes Fact File.

Refer to Focus Area 3: Myth Busting – Memory and Innovation for more information on this task.


Formative Assessment 3 


Students write a report on one of the three higher order thinking questions from the ‘Discuss’ section of Focus Area 4.

Refer to Focus Area 4: Myth Busting – Social Schooling for more information on this task.


Formative Assessment 4 

Reflection – Assessing the ability to reflect.  

All 5 focus areas have a reflection component which could be used as a formative reflection assessment.


Summative Assessment 

Evidence of student work from each of the 4-5 focus areas can be brought together as a portfolio of work to show how achievements have been met.

Voiceless would be delighted to receive any completed student work to feature on the Voiceless website (subject to parental consent). Please email any work or feedback to education@voiceless.org.au.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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