Making a Compassionate Commitment with Louise Lovering

Making a Compassionate Commitment with Louise Lovering

By pledging a legacy gift to Voiceless, Louise Lovering has made a powerful commitment that will ensure her compassion will endure for generations to come. Lou shares our belief in the power of education and we’re so heartened to have her support. Meet Lou in our Q&A below!

Let’s start with you! Could you please introduce yourself to our community?

I would love to! Originally from Adelaide, I now share my time between Albert Park and our farm in Central Victoria. I always have our 3 rescue kelpies in the back of the car for weekend visits, although my partner sometimes prefers to stay close to the comforts of home.

Would you tell us about your “aha” moment? What sparked your interest in animal protection?

I have always had an enormous level of compassion for animals (as attested to by my mum, who would pack me off to school in the mornings only to find me returning 10 minutes later with an injured bird).

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It was animal testing in my younger years and in my early twenties I remember sneaking off from work to collect signatures from local offices in an effort to ban duck shooting in Adelaide (remember the days of hand written petitions!).  Over time, I then developed a gradual appreciation of how animals are farmed. More recently, having two ex-racehorses join our property, has certainly provided a deeper appreciation of the (dis)connect between what the public are permitted to see and the reality of ‘wastage’. Live export also sealed it for me.

Voiceless Donor Louise Lovering

What does a legacy gift mean to you?

Animal welfare is gaining traction and I feel we are at a tipping point. So, to think that I can help maintain this momentum after I am gone, is incredibly important and reassuring for me.

How would you describe Voiceless to others?

Good question! Voiceless is an organisation dedicated to the welfare of animals with an evidence-based framework focusing on science, education and law. We donate to a number of organisations and my partner sometimes challenges me on the evidence behind the charity and exactly how they are effecting long-lasting change in the community. This is a great question and Voiceless is my go-to example to talk to.

What do you see as the most important changes needed to ensure our vision of a respectful and compassionate world for animals?
  1. Continued discussions with our next generations, both here in Australia and overseas.
  2. Respectful, evidence-based debate with interested party groups.  Easier said than done as animal welfare is an emotive topic, often for both sides. This can be especially true when people’s livelihoods are in play. Live export is a good example.
  3. Ensuring the public continues to receive information on the reality of animal welfare in a way that provides the facts and helps them understand the small but important role they can play in helping organisations like Voiceless achieve these objectives.

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