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    Factory farming

    CIWF Trust is the charitable education and research arm of leading UK based farm animal welfare organisation Compassion in World Farming, which works internationally to prevent cruelty and promote respect for farmed animals and the environment. The Trust has produced a variety of educational resources that have been successfully introduced into schools in Britain, Ireland , South Africa and several countries in Continental Europe. This $20,000 grant was awarded to the CIWF Trust in order for them to adapt, produce and distribute an educational video on farm animal welfare to Australian schools. Their original material was adapted so that Australian lower secondary school children could enjoy and relate to it, understand the effect that different farming methods have on the welfare of animals, and appreciate how consumer choice can create better lives for farm animals. The completed DVD ‘Farm Animals and Us in Australia’ has been offered to over 1100 secondary schools. Hugo Weaving, Voiceless’ ambassador kindly provided his voice as the voice of compassion’ on the DVD. Background information and classroom exercises have also been made available online for teachers to access. To view the cover of this inspirational DVD, click the download icon below.


    Year | 2004
    Donation Amount | 20000
    Location | Victoria
    Project Type | Educational resource
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    Save Babe
    Factory farming

    The Animals Australia ‘www.savebabe.com’ billboards were part of a public awareness campaign designed to raise the community’s awareness and understanding of the widespread use of sow stalls and other intensive farming practices. The billboards prompted the public to logon to the campaign website ‘www.savebabe.com’ to learn about how pigs suffer in intensive confinement and then encouraged consumers to make informed ethical choices in an attempt to promote the adoption of alternative pig housing systems. This $10,000 grant also funded the distribution of over 50,000 information leaflets, which prompted hundreds of public enquires from individuals seeking Animals Australia information packs. To view one of the billboards from the campaign, click the ‘download’ icon below.


    Year | 2004
    Donation Amount | 10000
    Location | Australia
    Project Type | Public awareness campaign
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