Voiceless, the animal protection institute (‘Voiceless’) is a non profit organisation established in 2004 to promote compassion and respect for animals, increase awareness of the conditions in which they live and take action to protect them from suffering.

Purpose of this policy

This policy has been developed to address complaints and concerns by members of the public regarding Voiceless.  It is intended to ensure consistency within Voiceless in handling and resolving complaints and assist Voiceless’ staff with handling complaints. No legal liability arises from this document.

Making a complaint

In order to enable the public to bring complaints to our attention as soon as possible, we have a Complaints Officer who is the person responsible for liaising with you to ensure that your concerns are examined properly and in accordance with this Policy.

We offer a range of methods by which complaints can be made:

  • By telephone (during business hours): (02) 9357 0723 – ask for the Complaints Officer
  • By fax: (02) 9357 0711 – mark to the attention of the ‘Complaints Officer’
  • By email:
  • In writing to: Complaints, Voiceless Ltd, 16 Goodhope St, Paddington NSW 2021.

To ensure that we address your complaint quickly, please make sure that you provide:

  • A detailed explanation of your complaint (including any supporting documents);
  • Your full contact details so that we can discuss your complaint with you.

If your complaint concerns a fundraising issue, it will be referred to our Fundraising Management Committee for consideration.

If your complaint concerns a privacy issue, please refer to our Privacy Policy in the first instance.

Our response

Voiceless will use its best endeavours to resolve your complaint promptly, courteously and in good faith, through discussion, cooperation and conciliation and at the initial point of contact. If your complaint raises complex issues, we will acknowledge it within 5 business days and keep you informed of any progress as we seek to resolve it.

In response to your complaint, we may choose to:

  • amend our policies, procedures or systems to minimise the recurrence of complaints;
  • provide you with information or documents in response to your concerns; or
  • refer the matter to an outside body for independent assistance/management.

If you make a complaint in writing, we will confirm the outcome of the complaint in writing. Your complaints will be recorded in our “Complaints Register” for subsequent reference and review within one year from the date the complaint was raised.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint in a manner that you find acceptable, we will advise you of external channels for escalation.

Availability of policy

This policy is available upon request. It may be reviewed and updated due to legislative changes or changes in our organisational structure or objectives.

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