20 years of animal protection

To celebrate twenty years of Voiceless working to protect animals, we are donating $20,000 to help twenty animals who routinely suffer from systemic and legalised human cruelty and exploitation. Twenty inspirational organisations and advocates will receive $1,000 as a token of our appreciation for their outstanding advocacy work and contribution towards protecting a dedicated animal.



We are delighted to announce our first 10 animals and the wonderful organisations that are helping protect them.

Please note that this list is simply a snapshot of animals who need our help. It does not reflect the many more animals routinely exploited or killed for human profit or pleasure or include all the animals that Voiceless has helped to protect in our past work.


Companion Cows

Companion Cows is a not-for-profit, registered charity that rescues, rehabilitates, rehomes, and represents dairy cows and their babies.


Let the Ladies Go

Let the Ladies Go is a non-profit charity aiming to end the exploitation of chickens by saving them from slaughter, re-homing and providing a loving retirement from a life of continuous egg laying.



Oscar’s Law

Oscar’s Law is a non-profit charity that aims to stop the factory farming of companion animals by banning the sale of puppies in pet shops, encouraging adoption, and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Photo credit: We Animals Media


Action for Dolphins

Action for Dolphins advocates for the protection of dolphins and challenges practices that harm them. They work tirelessly to change laws, educate the public, and promote institutional changes that lead to safer, healthier dolphin lives.



Starting Over

Starting Over is an Israeli-based animal rescue organisation and shelter. Before the conflict between Israel and Gaza, they would fly and relocate donkeys to a safer location in France to provide them sanctuary and freedom for life. This project is now on hold due to the conflict, which has resulted in almost 800 donkeys living in overcrowded and stressful conditions. They require financial assistance to expand their sanctuary (including fencing new areas, building sheds and additional feeding facilities).



Dingo Culture

Aboriginal people have strong belief systems that value nature. The Dingo is not only a cultural keystone species, but it is also kin (family). Dingo Culture provides the First Nations’ voice specifically to the Dingo debate in Australia and creates change in legislation to protect culturally significant native fauna and flora.


Coalition Against Duck Shooting

The Coalition Against Duck Shooting is a non-profit charity working towards permanently banning the recreational shooting of native waterbirds in Australia.


Project Hui

Project Hiu operates under the idea that conservation should be approached with compassion and that sharks and the men who fish them are victims of an international trade for shark fins. Working with and not against the shark fishing community in Lombok, Indonesia, Project Hui helps to transition fishermen away from the fishing industry through education and alternative income streams like tourism.



Lamb Care Australia

Lamb Care Australia is a non-profit charity that aims to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome as many orphaned, abandoned, sick, injured or unwanted lambs and sheep as possible in Australia.

Wild Cats

Coalition Against 1080 Poison

Australia’s only network dedicated to banning 1080 poison (the indiscriminate poison affecting all animals, including wild cats) is on a mission to support Australians by providing free services, information, and tools to educate, raise awareness, and lobby for change in their communities.



We would love the help of our dedicated community in choosing the final 10 animals in need of protection and the animal groups who are helping them. Each will receive a $1,000 donation.

Please email us your suggestion to info@voiceless.org.au by Friday, 3rd May 2024.

  • To be eligible, the animal protection issue must be related to human killing or exploitation. Australian organisations will be prioritised. Wildlife conservation efforts, although important, are not eligible.
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