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Have your philosophy and vision changed?

Voiceless has adopted a diversity of strategies over the last 18 years but always with the goal of working towards a vision of a just, equitable world where animals can flourish.

Over the years Voiceless has worked in grant-making, campaigning, corporate responsibility, education, law reform and lobbying. We have used multiple tools to achieve our aims including producing in-depth reports on animal industries, creating advertising campaigns, publishing Op-Eds in mainstream media, and lodging government submissions. Recent years have seen us invested in the key areas of youth and education.

We have never departed from our passion for animal protection and determination to promote compassion and respect and create meaningful change to stop cruelty and end human-induced animal suffering.

Why a Grants Program?

There are very few significant grants opportunities available for animal protection organisations, sanctuaries and institutions within Australia. With a dire need for funding, we anticipate the new Voiceless Grants Program will make an enormous impact.

As a leader with almost two decades of experience within the field of animal protection in Australia, we have come to a strategic decision to turn our attention towards philanthropy, investing in, funding and supporting the most impactful initiatives within the animal protection movement. In doing so, we are drawing on our wealth of experience, networks and contacts made while running our $1.5 million dollar Grants Program from 2004-2017, and building on the many successes and lessons learnt.

The Voiceless Grants Program not only address a great need in our community, it seeks to create fundamental and systemic social change for animals by advancing animal rights and strengthening crucial areas of the movement including humane education and animal law.

As we update and transition our website in 2022-2023, information about our history of grant-making, and the 150 inspiring projects funded, as well as past Eureka Prizes, Awards and Media Prizes, will be made available.

Will you still be working in education?

To focus on this new strategy and to ensure the Voiceless Grants Program achieves the greatest impact for animals and the animal protection community, several areas have winded since the end of 2021. Since January 2022 we are no longer building on our two educational programs, Animal Protection Education (APE) and Animal Law Education (ALE), or having on-staff specialists in these fields.

Whilst we will continue to keep our Voiceless community informed about important Voiceless news, from 2022, we are reducing our social media presence and frequency of email correspondence so that we can wholly focus on ensuring our Grants Program reaches its fullest potential.

What will happen to Animal Protection Education and Animal Law Education?

Voiceless will continue to invest in humane education and animal law education as we believe in their power to create real and lasting change for animals.

Our entire suite of Animal Protection Education(APE) and Animal Law Education(ALE) resources for teachers and students, including videos, fact sheets, infographics, multi-subject lesson plans and more, will remain free-of-cost and available on our website and will continue to be widely shared through our key partnerships with other like-minded organisations and institutions, including Education Perfect, Composer and High Resolves.

Our ALE partners at Bond University’s Centre for Professional Legal Education and the Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) will continue to share Voiceless ALE resources and produce new free online professionally developed Animal Law Education materials.

Our APE materials will continue to be available through our website and other partner platforms. Our partners, coalitions and relationships in the humane education space will ensure that Voiceless resources continue to be used for many years, impacting and inspiring the next generation.

Want to use Education Perfect APE lessons in your classroom? Click here!

Will I still be able to use your educational resources in 2022?

Yes! The Voiceless website will continue to host a rich library of resources, including our large catalogue of Animal Protection Education (APE) high-school resources, extensive body of Animal Law Education (ALE) resources, including the popular Animal Law Toolkit, the newly updated Voiceless Animal Cruelty Index (VACI) as well as in-depth reports, information pages and blog articles.

Our website will be maintained to ensure that all our resources and animal protection work from 2004-2021 can continue to be accessed by the public. We encourage you to use our website as an information hub to aid in your research, educational lessons, projects and advocacy work.

Will you be taking on any other projects aside from the Grants Program?

To ensure we achieve the greatest impact for animals and the animal protection community, our efforts will focus entirely on our Grants Program. Voiceless will continue engaging in the animal protection movement by adding our name, where possible, to partners and coalitions and maintaining existing relationships. Current coalitions include Eurogroup for Animals, Humane Education Coalition, Aquatic Life Institute and Aquatic Animal Alliance.

Please note that areas where detailed reviews of information are required, such as submissions or joining new campaigns, may be beyond our scope.

Who qualifies for a grant and when can I apply?

We have an invitation-only process for 2022. The inaugural grantees have already been confirmed, and their details will be publicly announced throughout 2022. We are currently working behind-the-scenes to research and develop the new program using best-practice strategies and models in the international field of philanthropy. Information about open application processes and criteria for the 2023 Grants Program will be announced in late 2022. We are excited to share this news.

The best way to stay informed about the 2023 Grants Program is to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

How are the grant applications going to be assessed?

The Voiceless Grants program will be overseen by Voiceless Co-Founders, Ondine Sherman and Brian Sherman, along with a new Grants Advisory Council and the Board of Directors.

The Grants Advisory Council is a new expert body, comprised of some of Australia’s most prominent animal lawyers, scientists and advocates, who will assist with our program. With our almost twenty years’ experience as a leader in the field of animal protection, thirteen years of history in grant-making, and assisted by our expert advisory council, we are striving to ensure the Grants Program will achieve the utmost benefit for animals.

Why should I donate to Voiceless?

By supporting Voiceless, you will be helping us strategically fund and support some of the most innovative and effective projects within the animal protection movement.

With a wealth of experience and connections, we are perfectly placed to have our finger on the pulse with the newest and greatest initiatives to protect animals. Through your support, you can be a crucial part of creating this meaningful change for animals.

Will my donations be used for administrative and operational costs?

From 2022, funding for the Grants Program will come from our community of donors as well as the Sherman family.

A key benefit of donating to Voiceless from 2022 onwards, is that all donations will be directed towards the grantees and remain in line with the vision and mission of Voiceless. The Sherman family will cover all staff and administrative costs from January 2022 enabling your donation to have the greatest impact for animals.

How has the organisation changed?

Although Voiceless has changed strategies, we continue to be a registered charity recognised by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission and working in line with our founding objectives. You may notice that our team is smaller as we reduced operational and administrative costs to ensure maximum resources are devoted directly to grant-making.

What is your philanthropy model and approach?

Over the course of 2022, we will be building the new Voiceless Grants Program using best-practice models, philosophies and processes in the philanthropic space.

In the spirit of strategic philanthropy and systemic investment, our aim is to leverage all funding so that it is transformative. We want to see meaningful change for animals – a future where they are no longer exploited or seen as ‘less-than’ but rather celebrated and allowed to flourish.

Ondine Sherman and Brian Sherman, along with the Grants Advisors and Voiceless Board of Directors, will be looking for visionary, strategic, enduring work and are committed to seeing funds well spent as catalysts for change.

Further Questions?

If you would like further information about our Grants Program, please contact our Voiceless Coordinator, Kate Grigg:

Last updated July 2022

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