As per the legal requirements of fundraising from the public in collection boxes, the following Terms and Conditions for a Voiceless Collection Box must be met by anyone who is issued with an “Authority to Fundraise” on behalf of Voiceless:

  • You must ensure the Collection Box remains securely locked until it is ready to be counted and funds reconciled (as detailed below).
  • You must not add, remove or alter any material or content displayed in or on the Collection Box.
  • The Collection Box must be kept on, and not removed from, the premises stipulated by the Fundraiser in the submitted form.
  • When the Collection Box is opened for the purposes of counting and reconciling funds received, two people must be present. These two people must also both sign a reconciliation form confirming the total amount counted (form to be provided by Voiceless).
  • The identifying serial number (on a sticker underneath your Collection Box) must be witnessed and recorded by these two people on the reconciliation form.
  • Your fundraising must be conducted in compliance with relevant fundraising regulations and in a manner that upholds the integrity of Voiceless.
  • 100% of funds collected in the Voiceless Collection Box must be forwarded to Voiceless.
  • All donations collected should be sent on to Voiceless either as a cheque (made out to Voiceless), or by EFT into Voiceless’s bank account, as follows:
    National Australia Bank; BSB: 082 057; Account: 581 093 179 – please use your Collection Box serial number as a reference.
  • Voiceless reserves the right to withdraw approval to fundraise at any time at its discretion. If this was to occur, fundraising and promotion must cease immediately. The fundraising authorisation and all monies raised must be returned to Voiceless within 7 days of withdrawal.