The Voiceless Council, chaired by Dr Gene Sherman AM, was established in August 2009 to assist Voiceless's Managing Directors in ensuring sustainability, growth and development of the organisation into the future.


Naomi Henry

Naomi Henry is a wildlife carer and advocate who has been associated with Voiceless since 2009 when she joined the (former) Voiceless Council.

Naomi is a former Animal Co-ordinator at Wildcare Queanbeyan NSW and has been involved in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of many native species as well as engaging in education and advocacy programs to raise public awareness of wildlife issues across Australia. Naomi is an Ambassador for and formerly a Director of The Wombat Foundation, an organisation devoted to conserving the critically endangered Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat.

She is a passionate advocate on behalf of all Australian native animals but particularly the Eastern Grey Kangaroo.