Voiceless Staff

Lindsay Owens

Lindsay joined the Voiceless team in 2019 as the Fundraising and Communications Assistant. 

From a young age, Lindsay held a deep empathy for – and a strong connection to – animals and nature. When she was 18, she witnessed the fate of farmed chickens as they were unloaded from a truck at a slaughterhouse. It was in this moment that she began questioning where her food came from and adopted a vegan lifestyle soon after. Over the years, she’s been committed to working with groups that aim to protect the environment and animals, travelling far and wide to volunteer at shelters and sanctuaries for rescued farmed, domestic and wild animals. 

Lindsay splits her time at Voiceless with her second passion, teaching yoga in Sydney’s East. She feels that the path of a yogi is like the path of a dedicated animal advocate – open your mind, open your heart and do your best to relieve suffering.