Voiceless brings together academics from around the world in its Scientific Expert Advisory Council (SEAC), a group which assists us in the production of quality research and publications which expose legalised animal cruelty and inform public debate.


Lesley Rogers

Lesley J. Rogers is Emeritus Professor at the University of New England, where she was Professor of Neuroscience and Animal Behaviour from 1993-2007.

She completed her first degree with Honours at Adelaide University, South Australia, and then a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Sussex, UK. Later the University of Sussex awarded her a Doctor of Science in acknowledgment of the research that she conducted following her D.Phil. degree. In 2000 she was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

Her publications include 19 books, over 230 refereed research papers and 52 book chapters, mainly in the field of brain and behaviour with a focus on development and function of brain lateralization. She is also a co-editor of the journal Laterality: Asymmetries of Brain, Behaviour, and Cognition.

She has a strong interest in animal welfare and she chaired the Animal Ethics Committee at UNE for several years. Her scientific papers include discussion of cognition and welfare of animals and a recent special issue on Lateralized Behaviour in Domesticated and Captive Animals, focussed on animal welfare, was published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science.

Lesley has been a valued member of the Voiceless Scientific Expert Advisory Panel since 2009 and has sat on the judging panel for the Voiceless Eureka Prize for Scientific Research that Contributes to Animal Protection.

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