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Holly Throsby


“I’ve always had a deep respect and empathy for animals.  When they are exploited, I feel compelled to speak out.”

Holly Throsby is a songwriter and musician and has been a strong supporter of Voiceless since 2009.

Holly’s musical inclinations were encouraged from a young age with her mother a renowned presenter with ABC Classic FM and her grandmother a former cellist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

After university where she majored in English and Literature, Holly released her first album, On Night in 2004. The inspiration and contribution of animals to her unique sound was evident with the inclusion of native bird calls, frogs and barking dogs throughout. Holly has since released albums Under The Town (2006), A Loud Call (2008), See! (2010)Team (2014) and After a Time (2017), which further imbibed natural sounds and both earned her ARIA nominations for Best Female Artist. Holly was also a member of the musical group, Seeker Lover Keeper in collaboration with two other Australian musicians, Sarah Blasko and Sally Seltmann. Despite the demands of a hectic playing schedule, Holly makes time for Voiceless events and has performed at Voiceless Awards events in 2009, 2010 and most recently in 2016 at the Ovolo Hotel, Wolloomooloo.

Holly is also a supporter of Animals Australia’s ‘Make it Possible’ campaign.

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