The Voiceless Team are an experienced group of lawyers, communicators, teachers and professional advocates united by their passion for animal protection issues. They work collectively with the goal of ensuring animal protection is the next great social justice movement.


Elaine Morris

In Memoriam.

Elaine Morris 1969-2019

We have lost our dearest friend and treasured member of the Voiceless Team, Elaine Morris.

Elaine’s contribution to the animal protection movement was a gift we were fortunate to receive. Elaine was with Voiceless from our very first year in 2004. She lived and breathed Voiceless and was instrumental in building our organisation from the ground up. Vibrant, kind, thoughtful and funny, Elaine was a vivacious spark in all of our lives.

Elaine devoted her whole life to making a difference for animals.  Since she was a young girl, she was an animal-lover, drawn to the ocean and wild dolphins and surrounding herself with dogs and cats who needed love and homes. She held an MA in Environmental Studies from Haifa University and worked for a range of NGOs across marine conservation (Tzalul), Middle Eastern peace (Peres Center for Peace) and Animal Rights (‘Animals’, Israel).

Elaine will be terribly missed by all of us here in our Voiceless family as well as her wonderful husband, two children, and adopted fur-family of cats and dogs.