The Voiceless Team are an experienced group of lawyers, communicators, teachers and professional advocates united by their passion for animal protection issues. They work collectively with the goal of ensuring animal protection is the next great social justice movement.

Voiceless Staff

Ashleigh Rumpler

Ashleigh joined the Voiceless team in 2019 as our Program Officer and Communications/Operations Assistant.

As a recent graduate from a BA in Social Science in 2020, her academic focus is on the critical analysis of political, social and cultural structures and how this interconnects with animals and the environment.

Ashleigh has been a lifelong advocate for the rights of animals, volunteering for various groups and organisations, including the Animal Justice Party as a Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator and the SAVE Movement.

She was the President of the Animal Rights Society at Macquarie University in 2019, which was recently recognised as the Social Justice Group of the Year.

An experienced animal carer, Ashleigh has rescued countless cats and other injured or abandoned companion animals, including her rescue kitty Gem (who has in fact rescued Ashleigh).

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