Dr Iris Bergmann and Dr Cecily Maller and their team from RMIT University received the Against Factory Farming Grant and $21,000 for their project entitled: “What factors lead Australians to support or actively reject factory farming?”. This project addresses the lack of sound academic research on Australian opinions, values and norms towards farm animals and factory farming. The first phase of the project saw the assembly of six regional and metropolitan focus groups throughout Australia to establish data on the issue. The report’s findings showed that most participants reject the conditions on factory farms; however, most have little knowledge of those conditions and of their impact on animals, the environment and community health. A fatalistic attitude towards farm animals prevails and many believe there is a need for factory farms to produce inexpensive meat for growing populations. At the same time, there is a strong call for accurate labelling of animal derived food products, a demand for more humane treatment, and improved government standards. These findings were presented in July 2009 at the International Inaugural Minding Animals Conference, Newcastle Civic Precinct, Newcastle. To view a copy of this presentation please click on the download icon below.