The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) were awarded the 2009 Peoples Choice grant worth $10,000, to fund the development of a series of 60-second radio segments. The project began with the formation of a Steering Committee (including members of Animals Australia, Animal Liberation Queensland, Brightside Farm Sanctuary and Compassion in World Farming), to develop a list of key issues to be promoted and to put together scripts for eight 60-second radio segments. The segments were aimed at disseminating information to listeners about how they can take action for animals in their own lives.  These segments were broadcast on the Community Radio Satellite Service and ran for six months. To supplement their broadcast, 500 information packages were developed and distributed to community radio stations, community organizations, educators and individuals. In addition, a website was also created allowing the public to listen to the audio segments, read relevant information on each key topic and take action through signing petitions, writing letters or making changes in their own lives.