The Australian Association for Humane Research (AAHR) was awarded a grant of $5,000 to carry out a public opinion poll into animal experimentation. The poll found almost 90% of respondents consider that the number of animals used for research and teaching in Australia is unacceptable or could be reduced, and over half don’t believe it’s always safe to apply results to humans. Astonishingly, only 62% of the general public are even aware that animals are used in experimental research. AAHR CEO Helen Marston said, “Approximately 7 million animals are used in research and teaching in Australia every year. It’s heartening to know the majority of Australians are opposed to such archaic practice and recognize the need to seek more humane and scientifically-valid options”. The information obtained is being used to assist AAHR in determining how they can most effectively direct their work in opposing animal experiments.  To see a press release related to the survey results, please click on the download icon below.