Animal Liberation ACT was granted $20,000 for their ‘Free Range Canberra’ project, which aimed to bring about a ban of battery egg production in the ACT and to encourage ACT consumers to buy free range eggs. In 1997, legislation was passed to ban the production and sale of battery eggs in the ACT and to restrict the importation of battery eggs, given the agreement of the other states and territories. Since agreement from other states was not forthcoming, the legislation was never implemented. This grant was intended to assist Animal Liberation ACT to circumvent a recurrence of the 1997 problem, by establishing a ban on the production of battery eggs in the ACT, but not on their importation into the territory. Free Range Canberra was successful in raising community awareness (as evidenced by market research commissioned by Animal Liberation ACT), through the distribution of 40,000 leaflets, an advertising campaign in ACT papers, as well as on bus backs, the distribution of 9,000 Avant Cards, and the revamping and regular updating of the Free Range Canberra website.