Animal Lib ACT received a $10,000 grant for the continuation of their project ‘Free Range Canberra 2007 _ the endgame’, which was originally funded by a Voiceless Grant in 2004. This project is aimed at bringing about a ban on the use of battery cages in the ACT. In previous years, Animal Liberation ACT had already succeeded in bringing the issue of battery cages to the top of the agenda of the ACT government by raising public awareness, facilitating ways the public could approach politicians and lobbying politicians directly. With this new round of funding, the Free Range Canberra project was successful in bringing about a commitment from all ACT Government agencies/institutions to purchase barn raised or cage-free eggs from 2008 onwards. In addition, the ACT government offered PACE Farms a funding package to facilitate a change in the method of egg production at its ACT facility.