Animal Liberation NSW was granted $15,000 to purchase and fit out a mobile education van to spread the word about animal abuse and suffering in the intensive farming industry. On learning they were the recipients of this special award, Executive Director Mark Pearson said: "We are absolutely thrilled to receive such a generous donation from Voiceless. These funds will be used to construct a mobile education vehicle with video monitor and dynamic images, which will travel through many parts of Australia including cities, towns and schools. This way we pro-actively bring the education and information to people where they are. The main subjects will be the intensive farming of animals in factory farms, like piggeries and battery hen facilities. It will simply open the doors of these hidden, dark, cruel places to the Australian community." The van has since travelled extensively (Melbourne, Bendigo, Ballart, Tasmania, Newcastle, Lismore, and the NSW Central Coast) and provided thousands of people with the opportunity to see what goes on behind the closed doors of factory farms. It has also appeared on ABC, Channel 10, and Channel 9 news in Tasmania and Victoria. Click the download icon below to see the van.