The University of Sydney was awarded the $5,000 Humane Resources Grant for their project entitled “Cardiovascular control practical: online design”. Using these funds, Dr Laura Batavian, Senior Lecturer with the Faculty of Medicine, created an on-line and interactive practical which can be used as an alternative to classes involving rabbits thereby reducing animal-based learning whilst promoting alternatives to animal use in teaching. Although it is many years since the University of Sydney has used animals in this area of teaching, a number of other Australian and international universities have indicated they are interested in adopting the on-line version of the practical once it has been created. In an effort to encourage this, Dr Batmanian has digitised, edited and optimised the video for web playback. In addition, the content has been re-written for web use and text graphics and navigation have been incorporated. As a result of this work, the Unity of Study coordinators for Body Systems in the Discipline of Biomedical Sciences as well as the Schools of Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Sydney have decided to incorporate the practical into their curricula.