The University of Melbourne were awarded a $400 grant to fund their ‘Cage Free Campus’ project. The project had two distinct phases: first it sought to raise awareness on campus of the cruel conditions endured by battery hens and second, it aimed to garner the support of the University Council to implement a Cage Free Campus policy mandating a ban on the use of cage eggs by food suppliers on campus. A dedicated web presence was set up for the project and close to 450 signatures were received for the campaign’s petition. The campaign obtained official support from the University of Melbourne Vice Chancellor, whose office has also contacted the Student Union about sourcing free range eggs from suppliers. Campaigners have provided each campus food supplier an information pack and the opportunity to join the campaign which resulted in the successful conversion of one on-campus food outlet to cage free eggs with another currently in the process of doing so. The project has also seen letters sent to each of the residential colleges to encourage the use of cage free eggs in their catering supplies. To view a copy of the sticker, please click on the download icon below.



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