The 2017 Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series will examine the real costs of animal agriculture, and ask the question - could a tax on meat be the answer?



After completing a legal internship with Voiceless in 2013, Sarah continued as a regular volunteer until officially joining the team in 2015. She has served as Co-Secretary of the NSW Young Lawyers’ Animal Law Committee, and has been actively involved with a number of animal protection agencies.

Sarah is a co-author of the Voiceless Animal Law Toolkit (2nd edition, 2015), directed and edited the Guide to Companion Animal Law in NSW (2nd edition, 2014) and completed her university degree with an extended thesis entitled Anthropocentrism as an Obstacle to Animal Rights (2015).

Sarah will be presenting at the WA and TAS lectures.

As the country prepares for a federal election later this year, this presentation provides a timely overview of the key federal animal protection issues that we as citizens should be asking our representatives about. Major issues include the live animal export trade, the commercial hunting of kangaroos, and the need for an independent office of animal welfare.