Animals have traditionally been overlooked in politics, resulting in laws that fail to protect them from exploitation, abuse and neglect. This Federal Election year, the Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series will look at the rapidly growing global movement to represent animals in politics, and use political processes to achieve positive change for animals.



Aaron Timoshanko is a PhD Candidate and Research Assistant at Monash University. Aaron is also a Sessional Academic and Research Assistant to the Dean at Flinders University Law School.

Aaron has completed a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Honours) and Bachelor of International Studies. After being admitted to practice in 2009, Aaron worked in-house before moving to a corporate law firm.

Aaron Timoshanko is a founding member of the Law Society of South Australia’s Animal Law Committee and a current member of the Voiceless Legal Advisory Council. Aaron is a lecturer in Animal Law and has published several articles exposing the gaps in the current animal protection regulation.

Aaron will be presenting at the QLD lectures.

As the country prepares for a federal election later this year, this presentation provides a timely overview of the key federal animal protection issues that we as citizens should be asking our representatives about. Major issues include the live animal export trade and commercial hunting of kangaroos. An effective way (potentially) of tackling these and other animal protection issues is through the establishment of an independent office of animal welfare.