2016 Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series

For ten years, the annual Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series hosted international leaders in animal law to share their expertise. Going forward, this ground-breaking series will continue online to discuss the latest developments in animal law worldwide, to inspire and educate animal advocates.

Animals have traditionally been overlooked in politics, resulting in laws that fail to protect them from exploitation, abuse and neglect.

Whether it be the cruelty inherent in live animal exports, the commercial shooting of millions of kangaroos and dependent joeys, or the confinement of hundreds of millions of animals in factory farms, the interests of animals are too often trumped by those of humans and corporations.

But as public awareness of the legalised abuse of animals continues to grow, so has a fierce global movement to represent the interests of animals in politics, placing animal protection directly in the political and public spotlight.

This Federal Election year, the Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series looked at the rapidly growing global movement to represent animals in politics, and use political processes to achieve positive change for animals.

The 2016 Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series featured prominent voice and pioneer of this political movement, Marianne Thieme.

Lawyer, activist and leader of the Dutch Party for the Animals, Thieme will consider her role in shaping the animal protection debate in The Netherlands and across the globe, and how playing politics is essential to deriving positive legal reforms for animals.

Local Australian legal experts also presented on key animal protection issues for the upcoming Federal Election, including live animal exports, the commercial killing of kangaroos, and the need for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.

Watch the 2016 Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series keynote presentation.


Voiceless’s special thanks go to our travel partner Executive Edge for supporting our travel arrangements for the 2016 Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series.